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Weekend recap - linky, linky

Had a pretty great weekend, although that extra hour falling back Sunday morning wasn't nearly enough sleeping in time. I've been sitting here wracking my brains trying to figure out what I did Friday, and it occurred to me I played a hella lot of DII, spent a bunch of time puttering and cleaning up, and then the rest knitting. Can you tell my hubby is working evenings? While it sucks for our doing anything together during the week, it is a bonus for my love of puttering around the house.

Saturday started early, breakfast with fellow Knitwits Heho and Annie, then off to the Inspirations Needlecraft Show where I did not behave well at all! Our friend Lulu, who runs my favorite LYS Yarn Forward had the first booth I saw as we walked in. She and her mother-in-law have been tempting us now for weeks, receiving shipments of wool from Handmaiden Sea Silk no less! and regular 'old' Fleece Artist . Oh the yumminess.

After I finished drooling on, sniffing and fonding the wool, and generally making a nuisance of myself, we headed over to the Headwater Wool table, where I picked up the linked lacy stole. I think Igor sold me on it when he passed the knit sample through his wedding ring. He also included the name of their alpaca that provided my wool! *g*

My final shopping stop was Philosopher's Wool where I purchased some dark purple heather wool and a pattern book to make this Aran Wrap.

I failed on acquiring wool for my Einstein Coat, I may just have to go with the Alafoss Lett Lopi Colour suggestions anyone?

And all that before noon.

I then shopped for fondue supplies, headed home, started chopping, blanching, blending and heating for dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday dinner. It was a FUNdue extravaganza! Oil and broth (damn vegetarians don't wanna share), cheese (with smoked Gouda - mmmm) and for dessert - chocolate! Not just any chocolate though, Toblerone and maple syrup! I don't think I'll eat again for a month, but it was so worth it. I was amazed that there were no serious injuries - I mean my family, competing for food over pots of boiling oil *g*. Willy was sufficiently spoiled, although we had to delay our plans for visiting the haunted house, as we were unable to roll ourselves out of the house in a timely fashion.

Sunday hubby and I visited Ikea, found nothing we liked and returned home. We do this about 2x a year. We're looking to redo some of the furniture in our living room and TV room, and we're also looking for new kitchen cabinets. One day *sigh*

Sunday night we (Stella, Willy, hubby and I) hit the Chills for CHEO Crypt of Torment. I've never done a haunted house tour before. What a riot. I would suggest going through either first or one at a time though - in a group you get 'spoiled' in the middle. Although Stella and I were killing ourselves laughing at Willy (who was first) getting spooked. Best though had to be hubby smacking (and apologizing to) one of the dudes that spooked him *g*. Our buddy Matt is one of the actors, he did a great job of coming after us with an axe. It is amazingly well done. You'll walk past a display and it will sit up and start talking to you, or the model on the ceiling will start crawling and talking to you. The floor dropped out on Willy and hubby in one spot and the end bit is a pitch black room covered in bugs. They film that bit and play it on big screens outside. I'm tempted to go again tonight!

Today I wonder: When you eat your Smarties do you eat the red ones last?

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