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and the bad news....

The weekend started off with a kick in the stomach of sorts. Wednesday night at dinner, Heho ordered a non-alcoholic drink and Snorie started quizzing her about being pregnant. She is. Just. 7 weeks to be precise, due June 19th. She had been to the doctor's that day to confirm. I went out for lunch with her on October 4th and asked her at the time if she was pregnant. My nightmare scenario was to be there with the 3 pregnant women. She didn't know then, and answered me truthfully that she wasn't. You have know idea what it was like to be there for the entire 5 days with my 3 closest friends, all of whom are pregnant. And every time I turned around it was the 4 of us sat together. The four women of child-bearing age, and I'm now the only one that wasn't pregnant. Of course the talk was all about babies, and knitting for babies and every other woman that came over had to talk to Snorie. I spent a lot of time by myself or with other retreaters as I really couldn't handle all the pregnancy talk.

I'd started off on such a high too, earlier Wednesday afternoon hubby and I had met with the RE and gotten the results of the genetic testing and the blood tests. Everything is normal. Which is good, we can try again, but we have no idea why we miscarried twice. While there we discussed possibly being more aggressive this round, and although he won't agree to more drugs, he said we could negotiate when they decrease my stims. I also insisted that we use IM PIO rather than progesterone suppositories, and his comment was, 'Really? It's your butt', which amused me.

Adding to the hormonalness (yes I've made it a word) of the weekend, I got my long awaited day 1 on Sunday. Good? Not so much. The timing means my cycle would be retrieval on the 24th of December. The clinic used to close down between Christmas and New Years, meaning I'd be waiting until January again.

When the clinic called this afternoon to collect their $7550 I asked them to check first if I would be getting bumped until January. The key is that as soon as I get a schedule, they want money. If they can't get me in in December I'll at least get the dates for January. I'll hear back tomorrow morning. Good news is that Snorie has an extra 600IU of Puregon, so that's $650 I don't need to spend.

How did this happen? How is it that for the past 10 years I've been surrounded by women my own age who were childless, and I was the only one trying to get pregnant. Now I feel like I'm the only one who's not pregnant.
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