neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Le sigh.

In the continuing saga of Neeroc vs technology, the video card in my latest laptop blew up on Tuesday. Luckily we had preemptively ordered a new laptop as I was going to try out a new X60. (For anyone keeping track the tally would now be 2 hard drives, 2 completely new laptops and build #6 - this year).

I received it Tuesday night and immediately began transferring my files. This isn't as easy as it sounds. My last T41 was so transient that I hadn't even bothered moving the files off the HD from the previous machine, I just used it in the expansion bay when I needed any of the files. Not pretty but it worked. Now though, with the delivery of the 3rd machine, I had 2 drives to cart around. As well, in order to use the extra HD/CD bay, I need a docking station. The whole point of having a teeeeeeeny laptop is not having to cart a big docking station.

Oh - did I mention it's teeeeeny? Here see for yourself - I'm comparing it to hubby's R51 - not the smallest laptop to start with, it has a 15.4" screen, so it's kinda limited:

Here it is on its docking station:

Here it is on top of the R51 (I didn't count the extended battery - sue me *g*):

My observations so far:
Tiny machine = tiny keyboard. The escape key is squished under the edge of the screen. Or should I say 'screen', I think it's a whopping 12". Now the docking stations and new ThinkVision 19" fix that, any time except when I'm surfing on the couch. Back to the tiny keyboard, for some reason they decided to smush the Windows key in between Ctrl and Alt. The completely unnecessary, hated Windows key. I would much prefer Ctrl and Alt keys that are bigger than 1cm each. They've removed the scroll pad, which I hardly ever used, and added biometric ID - any time I don't have to remember another password is a good day for me.

The graphics card in the machine sucks - max display is 1024x768 at something crazy like 40Hz. Apparently the full monitor will get better resolution, but I haven't been off my couch long enough to try it out. *g*

Thing that makes me laugh most about this config - when the machine is in the docking station, there are 7 USB slots available!

And with that, I'm off to finish configuring my machine (aka - loading games)

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