neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Two days of moping around is the limit! It was nice to take it easy, I even went back to bed from nine until noon today, but now I'm going crazy - to the point of mega housecleaning. I am dreading returning to work tomorrow. It seems the office politicking and stupid controls have gone haywire since I was there on Monday. I started to read my email, but it angered me, so I stopped. This is becoming less and less what I want to do with my life. The security of being with the same company for 15 years is a hard thing to get past, especially since hubby made the 15 year career change last year and we're still TTC or looking at adoption.

I ran today for the first time since the weekend. It was not fun. I was reminded of the IM shots with every step I took. But it felt good exercise again, I almost hopped on the treadmill tonight too. Didn't go to softball, had already told them I wouldn't be there, will hook up with them next week.

Tonight was the first time hubby has been home with me since Tuesday. It was nice. He's so supportive. We went out for a quick din, made some plans for the summer (bit of travelling) and talked about my job. He'd really love to see me open my own shop/craftstore. I wish I had half the confidence in me that he does.

I really have to come down off these hormones and let me emotions calm down a bit before making any decisions, but it is so tempting to tell them just to chuck it, and see what happens. Must refrain - for now.
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