neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

For all those sticklers out there who cringe when I call the television remote the clicker or converter (I can hear the cries of 'what is it converting?!'), who snicker when I talk about an album or record, here is your next peeve - cell phones. No, I don't mean the irritating, inappropriate users, I mean people who dare to call their wireless devices by that clearly antiquated name. What about the email, the pictures, the Bluetooth and the music and the web? Is your Treo simply a phone? Or are you now carrying a PDA/digital recorder that also happens to let you place calls? So what if it's my photo album, date book, memory and I couldn't live without it? It will always be my cell phone. After all, I still 'tape' my favorite shows.

Speaking of recordings and cell phones, it looks like while the US Copyright Office would allow me to change cell (or is that wireless) service provider without having to buy yet another handset, they won't let me record my own movie for use on my iPod. I wonder why the cell manufacturers, already seeing a decline in profits aren't whining like a bunch of recording artists?

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