neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Prayers and good thoughts requested

My good friend and knitting buddy Nora, aka 'mom of quads' has been sailing though her pregnancy. She had a few infections along the way, including one at the end of November that kept her on IV antibiotics for 2.5 weeks. But she has been up and around, and not on bed rest. There was a minor flag for Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (she is having 2 sets of identical twins) but she was being monitored closely with ultrasounds every week, and measurements every two.

She went for her routine ultrasound last Thursday and all was fine except that there was a problem with blood flow to Baby B. They decided to give her steroid shots just as a precaution in case she had to have the babies early. When she went back on Friday they found that her blood pressure was through the roof and she was admitted immediately. She's receiving meds for the blood pressure, but she does have preeclampsia, which they are working very hard to control. As well, she has a minor infection, so she's on more antibiotics too.

Babies A and D are both close to 2lbs (907 grams) but baby C is only 1lb 4 oz (595 grams) and Baby B is only 1lb 1oz (481 grams) which is obviously not good. They are now on the countdown to 28 weeks which is January 1st. Sitting up to eat yesterday caused her blood pressure to rise, so they are doing their best to keep her completely calm and getting those little babies to grow. Getting the two smaller babies to 750 grams (1lb 10oz) will help a great deal, as will every extra day they have before delivery.

She is having a very tough time of it, I can't imagine how scary these last few days have been. Please pray or send good thoughts and wishes for 4 healthy new year babies and one healthy mom.

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