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Christmas knitting - FOs and UFOs (photo post)

Given the amount of time it seems to take me to do anything, anyone who received completed hand-knit items for Christmas this year should consider themselves lucky! Here is the bulk of the knitting, (aka - sock a day madness) ready and waiting to be wrapped:

The larger, bulky socks are all knit with Briggs and Little Tuffy or Heritage (Heritage is 100% wool, Tuffy has 20% nylon). The ladies socks are random Regia-type self-striping, and the patters are a basic pattern that I make up as I go, with the brown one being inspired by Lucy Neatby's book.

Missing from that pic are the slippers, as they were probably still damp from felting. Hubby thought I was nuts as I was knitting them, they were huge!


Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit,

Prefelt -

Postfelt -

These are a Fibertrends clog slipper pattern, and Patons Classic Wool.

One scarf and 3 pairs of socks. Not too bad, I'm done the scarf, and sick of socks! The outer socks are from a couple of Nancy Bush's sock books, and the middle one is a basic work sock made out of B&L again.

I currently have a poncho on the go (for a friend), another scarf (although, with this crazy weather, I'm not sure it will get used this year), and a shawl. Oh, and about a bazillion baby gifts.
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