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I think I am in blog overload. There are so many things that I see that are interesting, but they are on so many diverse topics that I just can't get a cohesive post going. I have the gardening blogs, the knitting blogs, the tech blogs, the privacy sites, the amusing angry people, security, sports, funny stuff and a couple of artists I follow.

Mozilla is a horrible enabler for me too. I'll start off on one site and start following links and the next thing you know I've got 26 tabs open and I'm cursing the damned program because the last link I clicked was a pdf and Firefox crashed.

In lieu of a real post, I've decided to link to the tabs that I currently have open:

Hubble main camera disabled Hubble amazes me in that it always seems to be on the verge of becoming space junk, and it gets McGyvered back in time for some spectacular discovery.

Pillars of creation destroyed Too bad we won't be around to see it.

Andromeda galactic collision Clearly traffic lights are in order. Although you'd think they're already pretty hard to miss. Must be the dark matter getting in their eyes...

UK Mac/PC ads I love these ads! Both the US and the UK versions. I think it's funny that they introduce these with a reference to a 'language barrier'.

British investigating setting up XRay scanners in streetlights. I despise this idea, I think the technology is far to invasive, disliked the idea of it at airports, and personally, do not want to be bombarded by unnecessary X-rays just for being a law-abiding citizen walking down the street. Really, how to they intend on monitoring it? What will they do with the info? How many people will be falsely accused?

African and Arabian plates separating The Red Sea is parting!

Rodent sperm draft to get there faster 'Nuff said.

Hobbit woman? Interesting controversy. Probably won't capture people the same way Pluto's demotion did, but can still change textbooks.

IBM and Intel press tips Nothing like a minor skirmish of the titans.

Iguana loses erection Yep, weird stuff, but this has to be the best quote I've read all day; "A spokesman at the zoo, speaking with the casual, blasé manner of someone who hasn't just had their penis cut off, ..."

Real ID is a bad idea I didn't enjoy his book, but I certainly like his blog. I've recently been wondering about the safety concerns that the identify/fraud watch companies are offering. I mean, really, aren't you just putting all your credit card, and other personally identifiable information into one super tempting, tasty database? What happens when that gets cracked? (so slightly off topic, but welcome to my brain)

Oh you already invented that? let me patent it. Microsoft gets called out.

Plus, 5 more knitting, 4 more astronomy, and 1 IF. No wonder I'm not getting any knitting done!

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