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One of the long-term plans for my mom's cottage is to build a storage garage/cabin on her side lot. The main cottage only has 3 bedrooms, and my mother has 3 children. There are additional pullout couches in the sunroom and living room, but it can be a bit cozy if we're all up there. And really, it would be nice if we each had our own space.

I've always loved the way campers and boats make use of every little nook for storage. This story, as well as the m-ch got me thinking about plotting out really, really tiny living spaces (between 8x10 and 12x12). As with the designer in this article, a couple of my plans use a loft for sleeping and I have found the perfect staircase (I'm even envisioning cd/book storage built into the supports. Kitchen storage could be a bit of a concern but these guys seem to be well on the way to finding a solution. I like the idea, but of course I'd like to wash my dishes, and I'd like to be able to use them more than 100 times.

The great thing about a tiny cabin is that we'd still be coming home to our regular-sized house and the only hitch with a 10x12 cabin is finding room for the dog *g*.
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