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My icon is my new mantra. Our visit to the clinic went well today, we were whisked in 1/2 hour early, and of the 3 fertilized eggs, 2 survived, one 'good' morula and one 'fair'. We decided to transfer both.

The clinic called me back this afternoon, and they've added Estrace twice a day to my regimen. Hubby is doing wonderfully with the PIO shots, I still have feeling in my legs and I'm able to sit down *g*.

Now we wait for 17DPO or April 2nd! Due to my past history I will be staying home until at least a positive beta, and then we will re-assess my status up to the ultrasound. It is incredibly coincidental that the past 3 times I've cycled one of my labs has been going through a security audit. Someone else can deal with that stress!

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