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We've had Sasha for about two weeks now and things are going fairly well. She and Chet still aren't best buds, due mainly to her habit of growling at him if he walks by while she is sleeping. Sasha is very cute. The previous fosters called her vocal, but she has nothing on Chet. Huskies and Mals generally don't bark, so Chet picked it up from his previous kennel-mates and is now passing it on to her. She lifts both her front paws off the ground when she barks *g*. She is also nosy and a huge mooch. Every time you move she's following you to see what is going on. She obviously begged for food before, we are working on discouraging that. Her hips are a bit upsetting, they are very stiff. We give her glucosamine to help, but on Saturday I took her for a bit longer walk, and they were giving out by the end. I'll have to be more careful in the future.

Here they were having a particularly cosy moment, I'm glad I caught it, they've been few and far between:

This Sasha dog is one huge bed hog! The first couple of nights we heard her up on the couches in the living room so we shooed her off. And she seemed to be okay sleeping on her bed. But now, our bed all the way. I find myself in the fetal position most mornings, making room for her at the foot of the bed. She is not a small dog, and she'll never be able to convince me she is.

Our bed is also her favorite spot during the day:

I had to sneak this one, if you walk in while she's on the bed she'll roll on her back and start flailing her legs around. Pretty damn cute although I could do without all the dog hair. Damn huskies.

And Ceebee still couldn't be arsed with the two of them. As long as they stay out of her way and she's got a sunny window, she's a happy cat:

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