neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Hypothetically speaking....

Let's say your husband was supposed to be home sometime after his class finished at 6pm. Let's also say that in anticipation of his arrival at 6:15-6:30 you cooked a couple of bacon-wrapped fillets, garlic-mashed some potatoes and served up some lovely veg. If it were now say, 7:0526, would you:

a)understand completely that he was administering final exams to his class and the practical portion might have gone a bit long and choke down your cold dinner.

b)eat your dinner and let his get cold(er) while cursing him softly between bites.

c)wait for his un-anticipatable (I'm making it a word!) arrival and eat with him.

d)I'm open to suggestions

Let's also say that you were expecting him at 6ish and were busy cooking dinner so the dogs haven't been walked yet. Who walks 'em?

If this is the type of man that freaks out if I don't call when I'm 15 minutes late, how many calls do you think I would receive about this?
Tags: grr

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