March 8th, 2005


Damn tobaco

Gaa - so after not smoking for 7 years, I started again in October. I started working with a guy that smokes and it was just too tempting. It tastes sooo good. I'm having about 8 or so a day, but at the same time I have taken up running and playing hockey - so I'm being healthy in other respects. Problem is hubby and I are trying to get pregnant - and its not like its been easy, we're doing IVF for the 4th time. I'm not going to do this if I'm still smoking.
So as we're about to start the next round, I've been working on giving it up. But man am I eating! And its not that I'm consciously substituting, I don't smoke in the house, car or at work, so its not a substitute in those places but I just find it kinda calming. I'm not thinking - 'man I need a smoke; give me a carrot stick' I've really got to find a better solution.