March 20th, 2005


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I so have to stop taking these things....I mean really - get up at 6am, walk the dog, sit down for some breaky and do a stupid quiz?

You scored as Canada. You’re polite, friendly and pretty much an all around nice person. Everyone wants you at the party but at the same time no one really cares if you don’t show. You might consider hitting the gym once in a while.




United States


Great Britain






What country are you?
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GAA! Ha Ha Ha

You know - if I bothered to pay attention to the directions I might stop giving myself these heart attacks. So I decide to knit this sweater in the round (cos really who wants to do all that seaming if they don't need to?) So thinking myself so smart, I subtract 2 stitches from each side (the ones that would have been sewn in anyways). BUT I jumped up a size in the instructions without noticing it. Bad? Yes. EXCEPT - that there were a bunch of increases I was supposed to do in the pattern, but apparently I only did them 2x instead of 4, so I ended up back at the size I wanted to make in the first place .

Well, at least I can laugh about it. Okay - enough typing, the knitting is calling to me.

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Okay - how does this make any sense? I decided to venture out and ask someone who has similar interests to me if they'd add me as a friend, so that I could share their journal. The reply I received back was that they were suspicious of me as I was new and had only communities as friends. Now I ask - how would someone new ever gain friends if this is the only attitude out there? Was I supposed to come into this with a pre-established group of 'friends'?

Ah well, journaling and communities for me I guess. Silly me for thinking this is about sharing.
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Decided to start running again today, haven't run since my last 5k in mid-January. Time was to be expected - horrible. Now my knees are killing me. I have to remember to get me some glucosamine et al tomorrow. But the next race is less than a month away, and the National Capital Race weekend is coming up fast so less complaining and more running.

My sister is determined to turn me into a jock. On top of the hockey that we started this fall, she's now signed me up for softball this summer (okay so not the jockiest of sports, but add it to the hockey and running and gym-ness)

Could I be any chattier today?