April 8th, 2005


(no subject)

Got my first date to use my new poker chips - had girly lunch with Jenn (and of course baby Alison), Heather, Kris and Laura and we're now set up to play at Laura's on the 25th, should be fun. With the guys I play for money, but apparently this will be an evening filled with cake (???), martinis and no cigars *sigh* - girlie girls.

Kris and I also decided that we would get in some softball practice before Cher tomorrow - I'm really not sure about officially playing on a team this year, its been about 10 years since I've played on a team, and 2 since I've played at all. But we'll see - if I get pregnant this time around I may be off the team anyways.

I really don't know why I'm feeling so jock-ish lately, but I've decided I've wanted to train for triathlon - and Jenn (yes, Jenn with the two month old) wants to train with me (well for the 1/2 to start). She's nuts. She's also joined the National Capital Race Weekend for the 5k, and is thinking about doing the Run for Reach with me on the 17th. Gotta admire her. One of the girls in my Tues/Thursday hockey clinic has a 3 month old. She was commenting yesterday as we were getting on the ice that it felt like she was forgetting a piece of equipment (or for those non-hockey players: like she was forgetting her purse). She figured out afterward that it was the baby!

Baby Alison was sooo cute. Ended up holding her for easily half an hour - she practices her faces when she sleeps! Turns out that I'm an octopus too. I can hold the baby, pay the bill at the cash and flip through the newspaper at the same time!!