April 13th, 2005


Sad Day

Today I attended the funeral of a friend's mom. I couldn't believe how sad and exhausting it was. She was a fantastic woman, who took care of her son incredibly well. Sadly, while the loss of a parent is always hard, this will be a huge impact in my friend's life. She was a rock and a tireless advocate for him. He has cerebral palsy, yet she ensured he was able to attend 'normal' schools, even when the school boards didn't think it could be done. She saw him through uni, and although he's on his own (he has been for quite a while) with his own business, she was always there to support him. Several years ago she designed and built her dream house (it was meant to be the retirement dream of her and her husband, but sadly he passed away before they could realize it). It is fully accessible and was built fully with my friend in mind. Now sadly, with her passing, he will have to determine what to do with the house on the river, as he still has many commitments in the city while trying to start his business.

I don't even really know why I'm writing this, this isn't about me, and I'm not looking for attention, but I guess its really smacked me today how precious the people in my life are. We as his friends are all going to need to step up to fill his mom's shoes. We'll never replace her, but we need to make sure that he is able to do what he needs to in his life. He has tonnes of people and help around him now, but where will they be in a month?

Aren't hubbies funny...

He is always on me about two things (well many really - but these two he's currently doing himself):

Being on time, or calling if you're going to be late (especially from work), and,
Having my cell phone on.

Now at 3:30 or so he called to make sure I'd be around to walk the pup, as he had a client ask for a huge quote tonight and he was going over to a co-worker's to get it done. He claimed he'd be home by 6:30 at the latest. Well, its 7:45 now, and still no hubby. Tried calling twice - not cos I was nagging, I just was wondering if I should eat - another of his pet peeves is being late (even if he's given me no ETA) and walking in the door 2 min after I've finished my solo meal.

Interesting how this would have freaked him out, and yet a) I don't mind and b) it doesn't seem to bother him when he does it.

Just so I'm clear - his being late and not calling doesn't bother me, but the fact that he harps at me about it does *g*
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I knew he was reading my journal! He just called *g* he's on his way home. Will be biting my tongue the rest of the evening.
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