April 14th, 2005


oh my aching bod

I'm achy all over after hockey tonight. Was getting much better at the whole puck-handling/passing thing. Too bad this was the last session for that clinic. Next lesson for me - 7 tomorrow morning. My equipment won't even have a chance to dry!

At least I didn't have the McDonald's cravings I had after the last practice... that's gotta stop
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I actually won something!

So the other night I was having trouble sleeping and late night radio wasn't making it any easier for me to nod off. The local call-in show had a contest, you had to guess one of the top ten of their list....Top Ten 1 Hit Wonders!

After listening in complete frustration to people guessing things like Pink Floyd and cyndi lauper, I felt compelled to call in - there were so many racing through my brain - the macarena, the troggs (was North American one hit wonders, so they could be popular elsewhere), 99 red balloons, who let the dogs out, and my pick - I'm too sexy.

So after placing the call, and correctly guessing one of the songs, I dozed off, only to hear my name on the radio (kinda freaky to wake up to). Called back and was instructed to pick up my prize the next day.

My sis lives near the station, so she went down and impersonated me. Got a DVD of Finding Neverland (already saw, but very cool) and passes to an exhibit at the Nat'l Art Gallery.

Yay! I can't remember the last time I won something.
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