April 15th, 2005


Election around the corner?

Okay - from where I stand it is looking like the government is on shaky ground - a vote of non-confidence around the corner. But I would like to get a feel for the sentiment in rest of the country. I mean living in the nation's capital is sort of insular. We often get whipped up and excited about things that the rest of the country doesn't give a damn about.

And the local talk radio station is making me sick with their blatant bias. I actually stopped listening to them about 2 years ago, but hubby is still hanging in there, so I get just enough to raise my dander. I so crave impartial reporting and radio hosts. Well, even if the hosts do have a specific slant, allowing the other side to be heard would be refreshing. Although hubby was mentioning today that he is getting sick of the station and his politics are completely different from mine.

The reason for not wanting an election that irks me the most is the cost. I mean REALLY. Lets negate the democratic process because of its cost. How stupid is that? If the public truly believes that this corruption has tainted the current government why would they not want them to be held accountable?
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I'm not totally obsessive about it, but I do have a soft spot for one 'reality' show.

Survivor? No.
Amazing Race? No.
Bachelor? No.
The Apprentice? No.

(deep breath...)

Hello my name is neeroc, and I watch America's Next Top Model.

I can't explain it totally - partially I love the photo shoots. I love seeing how they are made up and what actually goes into the ads and other pictures we're inundated with.

I find it amazing to watch the hopefuls posing and contrast that to the host and judges and how easy they make it look to look good.
Its fluff and eye candy.
I couldn't imagine wanting so badly to be judged so harshly on my looks.

And well, tonight Tyra COMPLETELY freaked out. I couldn't even begin to describe all the melodrama that led up to the outburst, but man, she totally lost it at one of the girls she was eliminating (other shocker was that 2 hopefuls were eliminated today).

Does this make me a bad person? Should I feel shame?