April 17th, 2005


Good weekend

All in all a good weekend.

Scrapbooked Friday night. Almost finished all of '99. Managed to get a bunch more pics organized too.

Hubby and I went out for breakfast yesterday, I love going out for breakfast! Then we went shopping for hockey equipment and managed to finish off the rest of my gear, so I can give Car back all her kit now. Planned to go to the birthday sale at the quilt store, but ended up delivering something to a customer instead. Her sister (my friend) is getting married in 2 weeks, so she and her mom came down to help with the preparations, and finish off some sewing and other crafty stuff. Talk about ambitious, her mother is sewing the wedding gown, 3 bridesmaids dresses, 2 jr. bridesmaids dresses and her own dress. More scrapbooking, then off to bed early.

Today I skipped the race I was registered for, waaay to lazy lately on the running front - I'm actually in worse shape running-wise since I quit smoking! Worked in the garden instead. Managed to fill in most of the holes that Chet's dug and got rid of the last few bags of mulch (need more of course). Hubby and I went to the Home Depot for garden soil. I managed to sneak purchase some tubers, still not sure where I'm going to plant them yet. Raked one side yard when I got home, so only one side and the front to go (sigh). This aft we celebrated our nephews' birthdays. Twin 11 year olds. Got them super soakers, wasn't a bit surprised that hubby got into a super soaker fight with them. It seems they pick up all their bad ideas from him.

Off to bed now, I NEED a good night's sleep.
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