May 1st, 2005


Back from knitting

Well, it could have been more relaxing. The original plan was to go down Wednesday night for a knitting retreat with the rest of the 'wits. Unfortunately I had to attend a meeting Wednesday night, so I didn't leave town until 9:45. Got to the ferry at 11:40 (it left at 11:20) so I had to wait an hour for the next one. Got to the island at 1 and hit the hay.

Thursday hubby was in town, so I met him for lunch, that was nice, rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Friday, hung around the inn until the early afternoon, when we headed in to Mabel's shrine of wool. Did much shopping in town, visited the new wool store, and then had a nice dinner at Chez Piggy's. Coolness - Dan Ackroyd sat beside us at din. The last knitwit joined us and we had good catching up time.

Saturday am had breaky and then headed back home. Friend's wedding to attend. Normal wedding stuff, hit the hay, just in time to frapper la rue at 6:35 this morning. Back to the inn for another day of knitting, a little nap and then back on the road at 4:15 to come home.

Finished Anabel's 50th birthday socks finally (I did lose the pattern for 3 months - which wouldn't have been a problem other than the fact that I wasn't sure how I had turned the heel).

Got another pair of socks on the needles, and did a minor amount of work on a sweater and my hands didn't turn into claws
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