May 5th, 2005


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I'm having one of those days today. First of all, I can't wake up, and it feels like a Monday. Then there are the jacques that I have to deal with in the US. One of them has access to the exact same database and views that I do, but doesn't trust them. He thinks I get different info somehow, so he wants me to take screen caps of the view and send them to him (resisting urge not to yank out all my hair). My minion is doing his best to make it all better for me. He looked at me this morning and determined we needed to go for coffee ASAP. Like I told him earlier today - he makes me laugh, I think I'll keep him around for a while.

We were also in charge of getting tea ready today for the group, so I've actually been able to escape the insanity twice today.
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Whenever the treadmill is turned on or off, I lose my VPN connection. My wireless doesn't drop (or if it is affected its very minimally) but I get punted from my work. Weird.