May 9th, 2005


People collect the weirdest things.

Did a lot of yard work on the weekend, hubby wanted to try out his gas-powered hedge trimmers (I'm still puzzled that he deemed my electric ones that are the same size inferior - toys. I guess if it gets him to trim the hedges rather than me, I should be happy) and we ended up with 13 yard-waste bags at the curb last night.

This morning at 6, I head out to walk puppy, and 8 of the bags have been emptied. Contents gone, bags piled neatly at the curb. So many questions - why those 8 over the other 5? Why not all? Why empty the bags? And why only our yardwaste? None of the other cedar clippings in the neighbourhood were pilfered in that way.

Apparently our hedge trimmings are that much more attractive than our neighbours'.
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I don't think I could be a bigger scatterbrain if I tried. I just realized that I have not yet paid the speeding ticket I got mid-February! Had the original 28 days to pay it, then had the warning after they found me guilty (if you don't pay you automatically plea - I wasn't at court because this wasn't my intent), and the final notice. And why is it that when ever I remember these things there is something to stop me? I'm at work, have the notice, but no chequebook. Ah - I'm sure they'll find me soon enough *g*. I should write a todo list for my 3 days off.