May 16th, 2005


Why I hate computers right now

I think everyone that works with computers (esp. those of us in IT) reaches this point eventually. Hubby just MSN'd me, his laptop died. Was working this morning, left it running AVG, and now it won't find the OS. Not an easy fix either - it has no CD or floppy (was an experimental light weight one - the CD/floppy and extra battery were in a base, and the base is no longer supported through the OS.... and lets face it, we should have gotten him a better one ages ago) and I'm 400 km away.

Would suggest he bring it to my work, but the guy that I'd ask to look at it is off this week.

He actually seems to be taking it rather well. He has a fairly recent backup of everything but his email. He has a desktop at home he can use (just not in front of the TV, or in the kitchen) and has requested a desktop for his office (he mostly works out of home, but needs to be in the office at certain times.) Guess we're off to hunt for new machines.

Hehe, speaking of hating 'puters, I remember filling in for an sys admin once in Raleigh, and I was working on a machine with a student. I was muttering to myself about how much I hated computers. He looked at me completely horrified! Should I not find a different line of work? How could I possibly hate them? He had grand plans to build himself the biggest, baddest computer, and it was going to be the best thing, and there was nothing better than working on them and getting paid, and how could I possibly feel that way? I just looked at him, and told him that it would happen to him too. And at that point I felt soooo old.

He didn't stay with the company, but I *know* he too has hated computers.

Room service rocks!

Shaved and Stacked Hot Roast Beef with Caramelized Onion and Roasted Ancho Pepper Aioli on a Texas Hoagie
Herbed Goat Cheese, Spinach and Smoked Bacon Dip with Warm Pita Triangles and Root Vegetable Chips

Who knew fried beet chips would taste so good? I could get used to this.
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