May 20th, 2005


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What a beautiful morning! Out walking puppy, the temperature was nice, tonnes of birds scavenging for nesting materials and doing whatever birds do, the crabapple trees are blooming, the lilacs are about to bloom, the air was clear and the BEST part was the maple buds are bursting. There is a fantastic smell in the air when the maple leaves start appearing, it is my favorite thing about spring and it is happening today!
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Grr neighbours

Okay update to the morning. Yes it is still beautiful, and shortly after I returned home we could hear heavy machinery moving in around the corner. I proceeded with my morning ritual, and all of a sudden our house falls dark and silent. Yep, you guessed it. The neighbours, who decided to put in a new driveway, didn't bother doing the 'call before you dig' thing to find the buried cables, and we're out of power. Grr.

And it's not like they're the friendly neighbour type either, they are the ones that are always complaining about everyone else and looking down their noses at the peeps. So HA! and grr.

Serious senior's moment

At 3:30 I made plans to go over to a friend's place to pick up some peony plants she had for me. As I left the parking lot I instructed myself to turn right not left. 10 minutes later, I'm getting off the highway at my exit, and realize I turned left! I immediately called Jenn. She was great about it. She actually figured that I did the auto-pilot thing. She'll be dropping the plants off tomorrow *g* (if she remembers)