May 22nd, 2005


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Yesterday was complete hell on my quads. Squatting to catch on Thursday finally caught up with me and I was in agony all day. I've never claimed to be wise, so this morning I decided to get out on the bicycle and find the best route to work. At 9:45 hubby and I hit the road. One of my main objectives was to find the best bike paths and stay off roads as much as possible.

We try my first idea - no joy, it's a dead end. Short loop back and we're cutting through a neighbourhood, hop back on a path and we end up at th pit, which has a wonderful off leash dog park, unfortunately it isn't fenced, so we could never take Chet off leash, but it was a really nice ride none the less. Hubby expresses concern about cutting through the woods, as I would be doing this alone, and there was an unfortunate incident in the city several years ago where a lone biker was killed. Her killer has never been found. He would really prefer I stay on the roads.

Back through another neighbourhood, to avoid the crazy-busy streets with no shoulder or bike lane, hit those for a bit, then on to the Trans-Canada Trail. What a well maintained path! Finally within striking distance of my work, and only an hour and a half. Take a more direct route home, all on surface streets, it only took an hour. So I guess hubby wins. Most of the roads have wide shoulders or actual bike lanes, so it shouldn't be too bad.

But was I sore! Was, who am I kidding - but AM I sore. Now the question is, when will I recover enough to actually ride to and from work?