May 24th, 2005


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Thank moo for this one. I found it so hard to find only 5. Honorable mentions have to go to The Wheel of Time (one of the first Fantasy books I read) and The Stand (my favorite Stephen King - and I mean the original):

Total number of books owned:

I gave up counting somewhere over 800.

The last book you bought:

I buy in bulk: The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, The Efficient Society, and Mercator: the Man Who Mapped the Planet.

The last book you read:

At Knit's End, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Five books that meant a lot to you or you really enjoyed:

1. Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, loved, loved, loved this book. I wanted to be Jo.

2. A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, one of the first classics I re-read as an adult. Brilliant and it appealed to my history-buff nature (and they knit!)

3. Young Years: Best Loved Stories and Poems for Little Children - I swear Moo! As soon as I saw this question, this book came to mind!
Collapse ) I was 3 and a half when he gave it to me. I loved it, it scared me (both the stories that had the real endings where people died and the pictures!), enthralled me and kept me company for hours.

4. 1984, George Orwell, fostered my healthy distrust for invasive and pervasive information collection.

5. The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank, I don't know that I can even begin to describe how this book touched me. A young teen when I read this, it gave me perspective and an appreciation for how lucky I was to be living when and where I was.

And tag five people you want to see do this quiz:

Don't hate me stella0017, judevenn, piknik, miss_kat_1968, and running5k2day. I actually think this is a pretty cool one *g* and I'll get to know you a bit better.