June 4th, 2005


You know what I find really rude?

Being contacted by a co-worker over MSN to ask about an issue they are having at work. At 10pm on a SATURDAY. I'm not on call. You have my MSN because we chat outside of work. Don't ping me for work stuff and compound the rudeness by letting it slip that you have called for support on the issue. AFTER I have spent time troubleshooting it with you.

I hate that feeling. Trapped in support hell. It isn't like I can say - don't bug me, I'm not on call. That would be a poor attitude now wouldn't it?

Dude, you just got your sorry ass blocked.
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Am I too jaded?

Went to see Star Wars tonight. Was looking forward to seeing it, not in the 'oh this is going to be the greatest movie ever' sort of way, more like 'it will be nice to see the story to completion'.

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