June 8th, 2005


(no subject)

Poker was fun last night, it did go a bit late for the new mommies - 11pm is apparently waaaay past your bedtime if you have a 3 month old. Extra added bonus - I ended up winning! $80 thank you very much! Other thing I won was the opportunity to host the next game, should be fun to schedule this in to everyone's summer schedules *g*

Women play poker completely different from men - much less bluffing, much more careful betting. Harder to bet larger amounts (I am talking $2.00 here) cos that scares them off. We play that it is $20 to get into the game, winner takes pot-$20, second breaks even. So really, it shouldn't matter if you are betting .25 or 5.00, but apparently it does. The women only bet 5.00 if they have the winning hand, dudes do it all the time. Haven't seen anyone go all in when playing with the chicks either....