June 9th, 2005


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From judevenn:

1. Favorite scent: Old English Roses
2. Favorite way to relax: Reading on the beach
3. Favorite movie you own: Dirty Dancing (need I say it - yummy Patrick Swayze?)
4. Favorite movie you don't already own: The Sound of Music
5. Favorite male movie star: Brad Pitt (mmmm Brad Pitt *drool*)
6. Favorite female movie star: Bette Davis
7. Favorite book genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
8. Favorite clothing store: Anywhere that is having a sale
9. Favorite non-clothing store: Wool stores
10. Favorite cartoon character: Calvin
11. Favorite CD you own: Hmm, probably something from The Who - maybe Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy?
12. Favorite CD you don't already own: Soundtrack to Chicago
13. Pass the torch to five of your favorite LJ friends!: Nah, not this time.

Nicest surprise

Hubby called me at work this aft to find out what I was doing tonight. Strangely enough I had nothing planned. He mentioned to me that he had observed that once I put away my winter clothes and took out my summer stuff, I still had two empty shelves in the closet, and he figured they needed to be filled, so he was taking me shopping! He hates shopping for my clothes with me. I take forever, try everything on, and we have very different tastes (he's much more conservative than I).

He was late getting home, so we grabbed a bite on the go then hit the mall. But once we hit the stores I was shocked. He was combing the racks, picking out these really fun colours and outfits - it was great. Everytime I went into the change room to try the next thing on, he was handing something else in for me to try.

So, we closed out the stores and I have some great new skirts and tops and a really nice silk sundress. There are a couple more items I would like to get - some more tee's and light summer shirts, and a couple of pairs of sandals, but man, it doesn't get much nicer than that! He is the sweetest guy and I love it when he does these things out of the blue.