June 15th, 2005

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It's the Charter, Stupid!

Interesting news item on the front pages today, done in the usual low key way:

Military Performs First Gay Marriage

As a result of this:

And in other news, after all the hoopla, it turned out to be a not-so-close vote of non-confidence for the government last night, even after several Libs decided to sit as indies in protest over the proposed gay marriage bill:


Really though, neither the public, nor the MPs want a mid-summer election.

Here is the info on C-38 "An Act respecting certain aspects of legal capacity for marriage for civil purposes"

The arrogance.

I saw this commercial a month or so ago - What conceit. It irritated me and as I had not seen it since I figured they realized their stupidity and decided to approach this more intelligently. Sadly, it was on the tube tonight. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that children should live and die in poverty. However, I do not need actors who make 20 million dollars per film, as well as assorted other, in many cases, super-rich celebrities telling me that I need to do more! I am part of the disappearing middle class. I could contribute my take home wages for a year and not make a dent. Could each of those in this video make the same claim?

It is ironic to me that one of the basic policies for reducing childhood poverty is economic growth, and more specifically equitable distribution of this growth, and yet they have chosen the wealthiest few to bring this message to us, asking us to give more.
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August 12th!

My RE's office called today - the follow up meeting with Dr. C will be August 12th. I am so frustrated. Damn summer hours. They have me on an emergency list, so that if there is an earlier opening, we will be bumped up, but really - August 12th? And that's only to get the papers signed. I'm not going to start another round until at least September.

I just want to strangle someone.