July 12th, 2005

at work

Hootchie-cam report

Delayed report, takes a while to catch up after missing 3 days!

Friday morning I had an ultrasound, part of the prep work for my next IVF cycle. Was it ever nice to see a 'normal' uterus and ovaries. This was the first scan I've had since having my last tube removed. No huge cysts, no scar tissue (fingers remaining crossed) ovaries where they should be, uterus un-squished.

The interesting and frustrating bit came when she scanned my ovaries - tonnes of follicles! I counted 4 big ones, and the tech even commented on them. Interesting because I'm not on any FSH, frustrating because a) they aren't doing me any good and b) I want to be doing my cycle now and not wait until October.

The other pleasant part of the visit was absolutely no waiting time! I walked to reception, they told me to have a seat, butt touched chair and they were calling my name. I was in and out of the hospital in under 1/2 hour. That's gotta be a record.

Next up, the blood-sugar tests. I just have to find 2.5 hours during work hours to take that sucker.

EDIT: HAHA! I just realized my 'music' selection was ticking clocks - how appropriate!
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at work

These sports are going to be the death of me!

So last night we had a softball game. Nice leisurely summer activity right? Nope. It was 36C (thats around 97F) before humidity. I usually mock people that complain and add the humidex (or wind chill in the winter), but holy hell! Humidex was at 42C (107ish). Catcher's gear for 7 innings and I thought I was going to die. It could have been a wet tshirt contest out there. Not only that, but last night my bat decided to come alive. I had at least 3 hits, one of which was a double. Made it home 3 times. I don't think I've ever hoped to be left on base before! So ya, run around like a maniac, then hop straight into the gear.

We did win though, which is a rarity this year. Seventh inning, we got 6 runs, we were on fire. *g*

Then - hockey at 7am this morning. I woke up at 6:24 (slept in and it wasn't even a good sleep) and was dressed and on the ice by 6:50!! I have determined that hockey was not meant to be an all year sport. The people who design arenas cheat on the insulation - makes sense in the winter right? Well in the summer, it ain't so fun to be on the mush they call ice. Luckily (??) last night toughened me up, so while everyone was dying in their gear, I was feeling pretty good! Even managed to lay a guy out. He came skating along head down straight at me, I warned him, then dropped the shoulder *g* So maybe I do deserve to be called a goon.

This exercising thing is a sickness. I'm feeling like I should be running or something tonight. Hmm. Nothing on the schedule till Thursday - 7am hockey and softball in the evening. It's going to kill me I tell ya.
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stolen from miss_kat_1968

List 10 fictional characters you would want to have sex with and then tag 5 friends for their list.

1. Pat Verona (10 Things I hate about you)
2. Wolverine
3. Lara Croft
4. Achilles (Troy)
5. Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars I)
6. Richard Riddick (Pitch Black)
7. Xena
8. Eros
9. Jay Gatsby
10. oh why not - James Bond

No tagging.
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I am sitting here surfing, watching The Fast and the Furious and I realize well, Vin Diesel is sex on a stick, but besides that, how much I'm really missing riding this year. So I figure, take a break, dog's going nuts anyways, take him for a walk. It's a gorgeous clear night, and what do I hear in the distance? The bikes heading out. I'm going to lose my mind.
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