July 14th, 2005



Well this security audit has just officially kicked my ass. Doing better than last year, but some nasty surprises this aft. And still one more day to go. Things that really piss me off are the vulnerabilities they found on my own team's machines. Like they don't know any better. Crap. Now the grief begins.

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We had the most wicked lightning storm roll through here last night. I would have loved to watch the show, huge lightning and torrential rain, but I had a very scared puppy on my hands. He is usually not snuggly at all, and never gets on the furniture, (we're fairly he was abused before he found us) but last night he cuddled with me on the couch for hours.

Heard on the radio this morning that a guy was hit by lightning just outside the restaurant where I went for din last night, he's in critical condition and they say he's only alive because some kid was there to give him CPR. The Springsteen concert went really unplugged for a while too, they and my office lost power for a little bit.

Only downside to the evening was that the power was so wonky I didn't want to surf. Surges and brief outages, damn annoying everytime I had to reset the router.

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EDIT: That was quite the storm! The guy that was hit is still in critical condition. FYI - 1 meter= 39.37 inches!! Link to local paper
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Crap that was scary!

We've just spent the past half hour running through our neighbours' yards looking for our cat. She's an indoor cat that we sometimes let out on a leash, but at some point tonight she managed to sneak out. We were in and out too many times to know when she went missing. After driving and running around - yes at 11pm - whistling for her and shaking her tin of treats, we managed to find her. Silly cat! Hubby's giving her lots of snuggles now. If she wasn't already, I think she is about to become the most spoiled cat in the world. He's already cracked open a can of tuna for her.
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