July 24th, 2005


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Had a really good night last night, friends of ours had a very small wedding ceremony out in Manotick at a gorgeous conference center. They were married in a gazebo on a little island with 17 or so friends and family there. It was a beautiful ceremony. They are such a great couple, they are very cute together. The weather was fantastic, dinner and the reception were great. His parents are having a casual get-together this aft for friends and family this afternoon, so we'll be heading over there later.

It was really great to catch up with some of the peeps too, we haven't seen a lot of them for over a year now.

Speaking of catching up, I haven't been on the 'puter much this week, now I've got a tonne of friends reading to do!
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I am mental

Looking around the disaster that was my living room, I have come to the conclusion that I am a basket case. In preparation for attending our friends' wedding yesterday, hubby and I went out on Friday and picked up a gift. Simple enough, they were registered at a local store, we had printed off the on-line list, decided what we wanted and picked it up. Total time spent on this activity: about 1/2 hour, including travel.

But of course I'm a crafty freak, so I decide I am going to make the card. Friday night I start off with some mock-ups, playing with different ideas I have for stamping on vellum. Time wasted - an hour or so. Saturday afternoon at around 2 I decide I have to make the card, so I haul stamps, paper etc out of my craft room (yes, out of the craft, or as hubby calls it, crap room) into the living room. Dig through the stamps, find something similar to what I want, but of course I don't have exactly what I wanted. I resist the urge to hit the local stamp shop and decide to make the card with my inferior supplies.

While creating the card, I change my mind 3 or 4 times, but finally, an hour and a half later, I end up with a passable card, matching envelope, and due to the experimentation, I also manage a gift enclosure card. Total time spent on this activity: two and a half hours - five times as long as it took to select and purchase the gift!

And that doesn't include however long it will take me to clean up today.
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Friends don't let friends do home repairs while on vacation

Hubby and I are generally fairly handy people. Yesterday however we were having a moment.

About 3 weeks ago, after a particularly hot spell followed by some violent thunderstorms, I looked out my front window and noticed that the lights in our entry way had melted! Yep you heard me - melted. The plastic lenses were bubbling. Naturally this made me fairly nervous and I immediately asked hubby to disconnect the timer for the lights, hoping that we had averted the 'Couple Incinerated in Sleep - Faulty Lighting to Blame' headline. We have been living with the dark entryway since then. We finally got off our butts yesterday, hit the Home Depot and selected new fixtures.

Back at home, hubby grabs the ladder, removes an old fixture and hooks the new one up. Unfortunately, we did not take into account the width of the siding on the wall where the fixture is being installed. It is 8" deep, and the wall bracket portion of the new light is easily an inch and a half longer. Goofy looking to say the least. Armed with the necessary measurements, we head back to the 'Po, select another set of fixtures, and are merrily on our way home again. The first fixtures we purchased pointed up - the light portion came out from the wall bracket and went up from there. The new ones hung down from the bracket.

We have a faux double door at our entrance, the one on the left opens, the wall on the right has the same pattern as our door. Hubby installs the new downward facing light on the wall side first, we like the way it looks and he carries on. (Can you see what's coming?) He completes the install on the real door side, opens the screen door to call me to take a look, and yep, it hits the light!!! Grr. Neither of us saw it coming - sigh.

Luckily, this complete blunder has helped us make a decision, we were looking at new front and back doors, but one of the issues we were having was that the companies will not warranty if you have storm doors (too much heat builds up). So now, we will be removing the front screen door and getting a new insulated door. (There is no way I'm heading back to the 'Po to grab more lights.)

Until then, we will have to make sure not to slam the screen door open.

Postsecret really secret today

Sunday mornings = postsecret for me, it's Sunday, bring on the secrets already!

For those of you that don't know what I'm babbling about - Postsecret link
From their site:
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail-in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.

Time flies

Reading back over friends' posts for the last week has me wondering about LJ etiquette. How late is too late to post a comment on something? I have found myself looking at posts that were made on Tuesday or Wednesday and thinking 'well I missed my chance.'

Pretty funny that I think 5 days is ancient history.

Do you care? Will you post on anything? What about if you are trying to get to know a new friend and are looking back through their years of history? Will you ever post on those? How do you feel when(if?) people post on your archives?
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