July 26th, 2005


Well so much for my list today!

So the second week of my vacation, I'm solo. I've got a list of todos a mile long and I started working on cleaning my craft(crap) room yesterday...it's an ongoing project and there will be pictures.

Anyways, the list is out the door now!!! I think I mentioned that I decided to give zip.ca a try (like Netflicks), I signed up for a 2-week trial on Saturday. Posted the list of my wants, figured it was a free trial, how good could it be? Well, I received notice on Monday that they had shipped the first four movies and I should get them by Thursday. Guess what just showed up? Guess what I'll be doing the rest of the afternoon? *g*

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There really is nothing right about this - Karla. Debuting a film about a convicted sex killer in the province where she now lives, to capitalize on the notoriety of her recent release.

This woman helped her husband drug and rape her 15 year old sister. Her sister died choking on her own vomit. They then went on and abused and killed 2 more teens. When caught, Karla played the victim, said her husband made her do it, he was abusive and managed to get off with a 12-year sentence. And now to top it off, someone is hoping to make handfuls of money on their story.

I for one hope it fails miserably.
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Woohoo! Softball is cancelled this Thursday! (sorry Stella) Didn't make softball on Monday, slept through hockey this morning... now that's a vacation!
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