August 7th, 2005


Sure they want to help people.

A machine that can read your thoughts, yes they are a far way away from that day - link but how scary is that idea.

Let alone that the police in NYC are checking people's backpacks, can you not forsee the day when you'll need your thoughts read before getting on mass transit? Or am I just a paranoid loon?
foot up your ass

That's it I'm done with the news this morning

It is getting me far too iritated.

Some jackass has filed a lawsuit for $75 million after that plane crash in Toronto last week. Really, get a grip. Accidents happen. You're lucky to be alive. Let's wait until they find out what went wrong - and ya - 75 million, there's a reasonable figure.
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DONE, Done, done!!!!

One of the things I'm really happy I got finished today was the invitations for my sister's wedding. The are sealed, and first thing tomorrow morning, will be in the mail.

Here are some blurry pics of the final product (click for full-size):

Front of card:

kris invite

Inside, torn vellum:

kris invite vellum

Man do I ever need a new camera.