August 10th, 2005

at work

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The facilities group has changed the nameplate of the girl beside me to Princess Consuella Banana Hammock. She is now waiting for her tiara to arrive.

There are days I really like working here.
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Oh yuck

Someone I work with suggested that I might want to try a Redbull knock-off - red rain. He even provided a can of said beverage (should have been my first clue - he didn't want it!).

It is vile! It reminds me of the liquid I had to take for a bowel prep before my surgeries. The burning esophagus is not quite as pronounced and I'm hoping that it doesn't have the same effect on my intestines. I left the can on my desk, and mistakenly took a second sip - my co-workers did not appreciate the scream of disgust.

He claims that it is better if the drink is chilled, but I'm not risking it. I'm also thinking I'll never try a Red Bull. Why in the hell would people actually drink these things?

ps - I just looked up Taurine - it was first isolated in Ox bile - need I say more?
at work

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I love having a window at work! I am watching the wickedest (yes - I'm making it a word!) lightning storm hitting the field, towers and other structures around my office. The lab's other building has already lost power - damn I picked the wrong one to work in!

Oh - spoke tooo soon - we just died - in a way that managed to scare the carp out of me! Back to post then I'm out.

Have a good one!
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