August 12th, 2005

at work


Yesterday was one hella busy day! I didn't even have time to slack off at the computer. Started off with me coming to the wrong office in the morning, quickly shuffling off to the correct office in time for my 11am meeting. That one was cut short by an hour as the lab had a barbeque at a park on the Ottawa River. It was gorgeous. This is the second year they've done this. They rent huge barbeques and the executives from the lab all cook up the chow for us. They bring volleyball nets. I also saw frisbee (not Ultimate), badminton and croquet. I brought my ball and glove and managed to toss a few balls around with Nora. Only caught an hour or so but it was fun.

I was late showing up for the picnic as I had to register for school at 1pm. I did it! I'm registered. I wasn't able to get the history course I wanted, or my backup history course, but I did manage to get the Canadian Studies and the Astronomy. Should be fun. The astronomy course I selected is a video on demand course, so I don't have to head to the school, and I don't have to have cable to watch it on TV, I can just dial them up from the 'puter any time I want. The profs name is Dick, and from my past dealings with him, it's a pretty fitting name, so I'm a bit nervous. We will see how it goes.

The BEST part of my registration is that hubby is going to pay for it :)

On to Thursday aft. We, as usual, had a softball game. Considering it conflicted with a 'Gades game, there was a fairly decent turnout. Hubby played with us, and mom came to watch. Plan was after the game, we would head to the FB stadium. Unfortunately, on the last play/last out of the game, one of our players got knocked out! He was headed to 2nd base as the second baseman was pitching to 1st on the double. Our player's temple connected in a rather violent manner with the other guy's shoulder and out go the lights. When he came to he couldn't lift his head, so we thought an ambulance-type ride to the hospital was in order. By the time they arrived, he was feeling slightly better, but you could tell he'd really had his bell rung. This wasn't his first head injury, and he had pain down his neck and into his shoulders.

Ended up driving with his g/f to the hospital, and we thought it would be too late to hit the game, but it turned out that they were just starting the 3rd quarter. Got to watch the rest of it on the tube, and THEY WON! That's three in a row - woohoo!

Haven't heard an update on Patrice, I think he's just going to have a really, really sore head and few days rest...

I am kinda upset that I didn't get a chance to talk to my best bud Sheri yesterday - it was her 35th birthday, and her hubby is out of town during the week. I sent her the cutest ecard ever and we have plans to get together next week. Now I've just got to think of something fabulous to do!

Off to read friends pages now -seems everyone was real chatty yesterday :)

EDIT: Heard from Shea this morning, Patrice is going to be okay - bump on noggin and sore jaw for a while.

Good bye Stephanie Plum

I am a loyal avid obsessive reader. There have been very few books that I have picked up and not finished. Even if they don't appeal to me, I always figure they will get better, or that I should read to the end to make sure I don't miss anything good. Same applies to a series. Once I start, I will read an entire series. Someone once told me the L Ron Hubbard "Mission Earth" series was fantastic. I read all 10 volumes waiting for it to happen. It didn't.

One of the lighter, laugh-out-loud series that I have read are the Stephanie Plum books (One for the Money, Two For the Dough, Three to Get Deadly....) by Janet Evanovich. Last night I finished reading Eleven On Top and I am done with this series. It is the latest, so there is currently no Twelve of anything book out, and I hope it stays that way. I have up to this point enjoyed the series. Stephanie is a hapless bounty hunter from New Jersey; she has a nutty family and her cars keep blowing up. Her grandma is obsessed with visiting the funeral parlor and packs a gun. These things that used to be endearing, that added a bit of spice to the story are now an overused crutch. It seemed the author didn't know what to do with this book. In much the same way as the main character is going through an identity crisis, not knowing what to do with her life, the author didn't know how to write the story. There are a couple of hundred pages of writing, but no story. She has stopped developing a couple of the characters. One spent all his time uttering "Babe". I kid you not. Every time he said that, and only that, it was like someone running their nails down a chalkboard. Nice effort on rounding that character out.

Nope, I've had it.

Of course, it is easy for me to say I won't read the next one now! We'll see what happens when she churns it out.
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