August 19th, 2005


That's what you get for travelling with guns *g*

A co-worker of mine shoots guns as a hobby. He was off this week to a competition in Equador. We have been killing ourselves with the thought of him trying to get to Columbia then Equador with his guns. Things didn't start off well for him. Last Thursday he realized that his passport renewal had been lost. That left him 3 business days to get a new one. He's been getting rather chummy with his member of Parliament and it appears his new one arrived in time for his Wednesday flight.

From the sounds of it, it might have been better if he stayed home *g*:

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I've eaten sushi almost every day for lunch this week. It has finally caught up to me - I have the worst heartburn! I don't know if it's the wasabi or the roe on the California rolls. bleh.
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