August 24th, 2005


Uck - germs!

Some people think I have strange phobias about germs: I won't walk in a hotel room in my bare feet, that disgusting cover is the first thing to be removed from the bed - I'd burn it if I could, and I bring my own pillow - really, why would I want to sleep on other people's drool? I try not to use railings in stairwells, I don't take the unwrapped mints at restaurants, that sort of thing. Seems like common sense to me, but some think it's strange.

So, I'll admit I might have a few more issues than most, but I am completely disgusted after returning from the washroom (public washroom that is) at work. Sitting on the counter, neatly lined up, are 4 cups with toothbrushes and toothpaste! I'm all for brushing your teeth at work, let's take it one step further and all wear deodorant too, but for the love of pete don't leave them in the public bathroom! Is your toothbrush so heavy you can't carry it back to your desk? Oh no, it's better to leave it in the open in a 5 stall washroom, right beside the sink. I can't even describe the level of grossness this is to me.

Oh, and to the men I work with - there is nothing you are doing that is so important that you need to bring your laptop to the can with you! Really, it will wait. And don't ever ask me to work on your machine! Gaa!

I need to go wash my hands.