August 25th, 2005


IM with my boss

My boss (4:37 PM) - I like it better when you say stuff like 'goodness and light' and balance in the universe...
Me (
4:37 PM) - I say that?
My boss (4:37 PM) - not very often
My boss (4:37 PM) - maybe once a year



Sneaky doc!

Well, I just decided to take a look at the req that my RE gave me for bloodwork. I'm going first thing tomorrow morning. He's not only having me do a 2 hour glucose test, he's also got me down for Total Thyroxine (T4) and a TSH test. He's testing my thyroid!

This is good in a way, my GP noticed an abnormal size to my thyroid two years ago, and I had the bloodwork and full scan. Bloodwork was fine, but as the scan made me radioactive, it delayed my IVF by 4 months (grr - story of my life). Scan came back normal, but it has been two years, and I no longer have a GP. So I'm extra stressing now that there is nothing wrong with the thyroid hormone tests - I do not want another scan! I of course also do not want there to be anything wrong with my thyroid, that would mess up pregancy attempts too.

(I don't ask for much do I?)
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Haha - take that you greedy bastard!

Oh Luongo. What ever happened to the whole bird in hand thing? I'm thinking the tables have turned for the spoiled brat players. The arbitrators are now taking the cap into consideration.

You really, really should of taken the 5 year/25 mil deal. Much, much better than the 1 year/3.2 mil you got in arbitration.

I so cannot find any sympathy for someone who complains about being offered 25 million dollars!

*hahaha* I'm sure I'll stop laughing soon.
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