August 30th, 2005


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Watching Corner Gas and Brent is explaining to Lacy why she can't coach the hockey team:

Lacy "why are the guys so against me being the coach?"
Brent "I don't know, I'm not sure, lets ask your penis" (bends down, to talk to her crotch) "Excuse me, Lacy's penis...What the? you don't have one!"
Lacy "oh you can't be serious"
Brent "I'm serious, I didn't see one"

I think I peed a little.
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Considering I watched The Day After Tomorrow yesterday *re-reads that and gives head a shake*, I'm hating all the bad weather reports lately. I mean, I'm not expecting to lose the entire population of Canada tomorrow, or anything, but it used to be that we got our asses frozen for 6 months and in return we didn't have to deal with floods or hurricanes or tornadoes or icestorms for that matter.

First estimate in on the bike...

It aint pretty...

To get it mechanically safe, it will need forkseals, new tire, clutch lever (which I'm not sure I agree with) and brake pads (again gotta check that out)

Damage $500

The cosmetic stuff (and I think they missed the bar ends and the signal light and mirrors: $1900. (!!)

That's before painting. All the panels will come primed, but not painted. I'll be headed into the shop tomorrow to see what's up and authorize work.


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It appears I'm cluster-posting tonight. Hubby was up on the roof earlier cleaning out the gutters. We're expecting rain starting tonight, so the less overflow the better, and we have a huge oak tree over our house and it tends to gum up the works.

Anyways, I had the most rude awakening this morning. I know I shouldn't listen to talk radio first thing in the morning, but hubby had set the alarm that way. The local CNN affiliate - CFRA - was all over their damn panic button, reporting at 6-freaking-30 am that we were going to get 100 mm of rain (around 4'). This is freaking Canada! Give us 10 feet of snow, we'll be fine (well - unless we're Toronto) but crap 4 inches of rain would be hell! A strong summer storm floods basements, the roadways under bridges are impassable, and worst of all, I'm in a high-ranch bungalow, which means that my garage is in the basement. Sure the driveway has a drain at the bottom, but there is no way it would be able to handle 4' of rain! The accumulation of which would, I'm sure be several feet of water at my garage door.

I throw myself out of bed and check the rest of the weather services, and of course, we aren't expecting 4 freaking inches of rain, we are looking at maybe 1 inch (25mm). Curse them! 1 inch I can handle. 1 inch is the amount of water you are supposed to apply to your lawn each week during dry spells.

Anyways, I'm making sure the alarm is set to tone tonight, and I'm out!