September 8th, 2005


Dr.s visit today

Things went really well with the RE (Dr. C) today. My thyroid levels are all within normal ranges. The insulin resistance tests came back, and although one of the numbers was slightly elevated (sorry - am going to do more research before I can tell you what it was - something like glucose divided into insulin..(??)) was 25, they would have liked to see 23. But, no Metformin this round!

My ultrasounds were looking good and normal, and Dr. C (as well as 2 interns) were commenting on how it was no wonder I had Ovarian Hyper-Stim the first time, as I had many budding follicles - without any drugs (commented on it in this post). They figure I will start on 100 IU of Puregon, not the usual 250 or so, same as last time.

Hubby's tests all came back good too, so that's a relief, we really didn't need something new going wrong.

Dr. C also noted that they have made some advances on treating OHSS, and that now, as soon as they realize that a pregnant woman is starting to show symptoms, they will drain the fluid (rather than waiting for her to get completely dehydrated and balloon up 10" the way I did). Apparently a colleague of his runs a 4000-cycle per year clinic, and using this technique, has not had to hospitalize a single patient in several years! That is huge.

Dr. C also explained why there is such a waiting period at the Centre - they are a 600-cycle/year facility (full IVF), not nearly the volume of other clinics, but they are a research centre linked to the University.

A good visit, but still waiting until November.

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