September 9th, 2005


Courses are online now!

It's really funny, I got very little sleep Wednesday night as I kept waking up thinking I was late for school, even though my first class isn't until Friday at 8:30 *g*. I've always been like this. I love the first day of school.

The course material is now on the web for the astronomy class. As well, the prof added all of last year's video lectures, so I can download them and watch at my leisure.

He isn't sure if the older version of the text will be okay, but I'm going to wing it. As he pointed out, how much does intro astronomy really change? As well, the publisher has a website with the different versions and accompanying CDs available electronically.

I have my parking pass, need to buy notebooks and my Canadian Studies texts tomorrow. I need to get my campus card updated (photocopiers don't take money anymore, you have to swipe this ID card) but I'm vain enough that I want to get a haircut first. I also have two old parking passes that I can return for refund. I may end up spending the whole day on campus. (Note - CNDS is in ME 3356, discussion group - Paterson Hall, 240)

Speaking of todo's, but one that has nothing to do with school, I need to go to the tattoo/piercing shop tomorrow - I need to get two of my earrings removed. I'm in a softball tourney starting tomorrow and the umps insurance states no jewelery. Of course when I get them put back in, I may get my next piercing....hubby hates all my ideas, but there are some I want to try.
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1st day of class

I had a really good day at school today. Was a little rushed to get there for 8:30!! Puppy had us up at 4 this morning, so I didn't get much sleep. Class was out by 10:00 rather than 11:30 so I got back to work much earlier than expected. Had several surreal moments on campus. I wandered into the University Centre, and headed for the stairs for the 4th floor - they were gone! The entire staircase was removed in the on-going renovations. I did find another stairwell in the construction zone and used that.

I then completely blanked out on where I should go to buy my books and headed to the library. *sigh* Luckily the bookstore is located right beside the bookstore. Unfortunately signals were somehow crossed and the staff did not think they were carrying the text that I needed. I found a used copy of the text in a little bookstore just off campus, unmarked and $3 cheaper than the bookstore. If they had had a used copy of the Astronomy text I would have picked that up too. They only had new, and it was more expensive than the campus bookstore, so I'll stick with the older version I have. At the campus bookstore I picked up a couple of notebooks, I usually get a 5-subject notebook for each class. Today was no exception although I didn't get the Carleton branded ones this year - they were almost 3x more expensive than the Hilroy ones, and had 1/2 as many pages!

So for Canadian Studies, I have 12 week's of classes this term, one term paper due Dec. 2, a mid-term October 28th, and NO FINAL *yay*!!