September 12th, 2005


Man - where did the weekend go?

I woke up this morning hoping it was Sunday! I just wanted a day of rest! Had a great time this weekend, but just need more rest and time for studying.
Neither of us has been sleeping well, and we've both been dragging our butts a bit.

Friday: Class in the morning *yay*, school in the aft. Got things sorted with J about the bike. Friday pm made an awesome din of stirfried chicken and carmelized onions served on spaghetti squash, smoked gouda, diced tomatoes and fresh basil. I then had the first game of the softball tourney (we lost), followed by team get-together in the local.

Saturday: Pacing puppy woke us much too early, his sleep/wake cycle is really off. Finally took him out around 6:30 and then hit the hay again. Woke up a bit late and dashed off to the softball game. First game was at 10, and surprisingly enough, we won! So, hung around the local for the next game at 1:00 (we lost). Season is done for the team. Headed to another restaurant for drinks and munchies then dashed home to get ready for the opera. (Nearly fell asleep in the tub). Picked Brainy up at 5:30 and we had dinner at Le Cafe before Romeo et Juliette. This was the first french opera I have seen. It was really well done, but I was amazed at how little of the french singing I understood. I spent much of the time reading the french surtitles, wondering 'Is that really what they are singing?'. So my Italian skills may be better than I thought *haha*. Saw the most amazing display of northern lights after dropping Brainy at home - I think I sat through a green light admiring them!

Sunday: Up early with puppy again *grr* but feeling the effects of the softball (I really have been a slug this summer if softball hurts that much). Hubby went off diving with Stella, so I started studying. I got the VOD feed all hooked up for my astronomy course, the servers were stupidly slow, and sat down for 3 hours of course goodness. Now, I don't know what sort of signals the VOD servers are sending out, but they seemed to notify everyone I know that that particular time would be *great* to call me! I must have gotten 12 calls in the 2.5 hours of class. Why answer the phone? you might ask. Well, hubby and sis were out diving, and I always answer the phone when I know family members are participating in potentially dangerous activities. Stella and Willy came over for din - homemade lasagna mmmm. We then settled in to watch Team America - that is some funny stuff, although I kept hearing Cartman in some of the characters.

So - no knitting (I am sooo far behind for mom's present!) and very little studying. Good thing I booked today and tomorrow for studying too. Now to find time for some good sleep!
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You have to do this!

Stolen from sonofmudflap:

1.) go to
2.) type in the single word: failure
3.) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the google search one)

EDIT: More fun with google - instead of 'failure' type in 'french military victories', then press I'm feeling lucky. I think I snorted a jellybean on that one.