September 13th, 2005

dead hamster

Random hurricane season facts

Hurricane Ophelia seemed to creep up rather fast - it has been tracked since Sept. 6 so I decided to poke around the archives of the National Hurricane Center - At first I only went back 4 years, but I wanted to see what letter we were at on Sept. 6 for each year and the total number of storms recorded -

2004 - Hurricane Ivan. Up to Sept 6th had 6 hurricanes and 3 named storms. Only got to TS Otto on Nov.30 Total storms for year = 16 (15 named)
2003 - Hurricane Isabel. By Sept 6th had 5 hurricanes, 4 named, and 4 unnamed storms. Got to TS Odette on Dec. 4. Total storms for year = 21 (16 named)
2002 - Tropical Storm Fay. By Sept 6th had 0 hurricanes and 6 named storms. Total storms for year = 14 (12 named)
2001 - Hurricane Erin. Up to Sept 6th had 1 hurricane, 4 named and 1 unnamed storm. Got to Hurricane Olga Nov. 24. Total storms for year = 17 (15 named)

Now this year:

2005 - Hurricane Ophelia. By Sept 6th had 7 hurricanes, 8 named and 1 unnamed storm. Total storms so far - 16 (15 named)

Then I went to the older records. The highest number of named storms I could find between 81 and present was in 95, there were 19 for the year, with the last being Hurricane Tanya on Oct. 27. Looking through the records I wonder how much of the increase is due to better weather detection systems, or better record keeping (for the most part the early records seem to be of the named storms, with the occassional Tropical Depression thrown in.)

Yep, these are the things I do instead of studying.