September 25th, 2005


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Had a really good day on Friday, had class in the morning, then worked for a bit, then went to my hair appointment.

I got my hair all chopped off again, and went blonde! It isn't as light as I'd like, but apparently I have a bunch of red in my hair (if was wacky after she bleached it all out - truly a bizarre colour). Don't think hubby is too impressed with it, but he likes it better than the red.
I'm getting used to the hair, but every now and then I forget I'm blonde, and it's a real shock when I look in the mirror!

Oh and to add to my week of stupid pain, I decided to get my legs waxed. (I had clearly forgotten how much that hurt!)

Saturday morning headed up to the cottage semi-early. Chet was a royal PITA on the car ride up. He was really whiny, but playing in the water kept him quiet once he was up there. Stella had had a lesson on Indian cooking the night before, so we had awesome lunch. It was really interesting too to try southern Indian cooking, much drier, no butter or cream sauce and the chana with coconut was awesome.

Dinner was great, mom was pretty weirded out about turning 60 so this was a non-birthday family dinner. She loved the lapghan, even if I have a few rows left to do on it.
Hubby and I won Cranium, then Stella and I won at Euchre. There were grumblings that hubby and I had an unfair advantage in that we were sober, but I personally feel it that that just goes to our intelligence *g*. There were some sorry dragging butts this morning.

Today was my kinda day - even though the weather wasn't as nice as I'd like. We got up, I knit, then ate, then knit, then headed home. I'm still in my jammies, spent the whole day knitting, and I'm headed back to bed *g*