September 27th, 2005


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Sienna Sienna

Oh - this sweet puppy has been on the Petharbour website for almost a month now. She looks almost identical to Chet. I'm really, really, really tempted. Hubby isn't too keen.


Orion and other random thoughts.

It was a beautiful morning to be out walking the dog. At 6 it was still dark and a little bit nippy. Orion was high in the sky and I was surprised to be able to see the Pleiades. Fall is definitely here. All the trees in my neighbourhood are nice, old trees, but they give me a limited view of the sky. Yet another reason to move out to the country.

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I feel like absolute crap today. I have not been sleeping well for several months now, but last night was bad. Got to bed late, couldn't sleep and when I did try to drift off, hubby would toss and turn and wake me up. He had a bad night too. I think I managed a total of 4 hours sleep. I've got the shakes and the nagging feeling that I might be coming down with something. Headed home for the aft, will try a nap and remote working. PJ's gotta make me feel better!

I'm hungry, and should eat, but there is absolutely nothing that appeals to me at this moment.

3 more days!

When you see this on your friends' list, quote from Firefly.

Zoe: Sir? I think you have a problem with your brain being missing.
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