September 28th, 2005

freaky barbie

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I need a 12-step program for Sudoku. Man that game is addictive. I was up at 7 this morning and have been playing it since I got back from walking the dog.

Here I go sharing my addiction *g* -

Other than not wanting to get ready for work because it will interfere with my game, I'm feeling not too bad. I had a damn good sleep last night, best I've had in several months. Shakes and upset stomach are gone. Hubby isn't so lucky. He feels like someone kicked him in the gut. Of course, he won't give his doctor a call....not much I can do for him.


I had just had a conversation with this dev where he was totally shocked at my new 'do. He laughed at me and joked a bit, and when he got back to his desk he IM'd me to say he hoped I wasn't insulted. I explained that when I deal with devs, if they notice, even if they say 'wow you look like crap!' I take it as a compliment. Lets face it, not always up on the social skills some of these boys.

Sadly for him, he kept talking:

developer (11:17 AM) - you don't look like crap, but your hair looks better red or dark
me (11:17 AM) - thanks
developer (11:17 AM) - it wasn't supposed to be a compliment actually
me (11:17 AM) - well you did say I didn't look like crap
me (11:17 AM) - *g*
developer (11:17 AM) - correct, you never do, but you hair does:)
me (11:18 AM) - you are just too sweet
developer (11:18 AM) - always

And they wonder why they can't get laid.