October 3rd, 2005



Had a vaguely disappointing weekend. Friday night we did not see Serenity - no reason, we just didn't. We stayed in and watched Hitch. It made me giggle out loud, but dammit it wasn't Serenity. Saturday morning I woke up thinking of all sorts of wonderful things to do - go for a bike ride, work in the garden, study, head to the cottage, go observing in the evening, watch Serenity - then I remembered that I was scheduled to go to a co-worker's wedding at 7pm. So instead I cleaned my office - there were tonnes of papers I had to go through, and I don't intend on letting my office get away again.

This co-worker is part of the police pipes and drums band. The wedding was a highland wedding, so there were plenty of kilts and pipe music. Not my thing generally, but it was really nice for them. It was exactly what they wanted. We left the reception early, and had a great drive home. Hubby opened the sunroof so I could watch the stars - we were way out in a small town, so I could actually see the Milky Way. I also saw a couple of shooting stars, I'll have to check to see if they were part of some official shower or just random meteors.

Sunday was both lazy and busy. I didn't get out of my PJs all day, but I did the 'fall cleaning' of the house. Hubby added weatherstripping to the doors, that should cut down on the freezing drafts this winter. After scrubbing the house, and fighting with the pup - he decided that he wasn't going to wait for me to give him some ribs we had cooked - he actually snagged them off the stove and ate two full racks of ribs bones and all! (I'm slightly worried about any internal damage they might do, but only time will tell with that) I sat myself down and watched the first Godfather movie. What an incredible show.

Tonight I went to the Sen's season lauch with my mom. They certainly have some yummy men on the team and I now have had my full quota of hockey hair for the year! The entertainment was Andre Philippe Gangon. If you're ever in Vegas I suggest looking his show up. He's a celebrity impressionist singer. The best was watching him sing Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini as Julio Iglesias while moving like Boy George *g*.


How scary is this: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000082&sid=aUwBPFLlVZyM&refer=canada

A respiratory illness has killed 6 and made another 68 people sick (all from one nursing home) and they have no idea what it is!


Additional article in the Globe.

It's good to know they are spreading them all over the city:
Since the illness spread at the 250-bed facility, 30 residents, many suffering from fits of coughing and other flu-like symptoms, have been admitted to seven different hospitals across Greater Toronto.