October 7th, 2005


From the 'how stupid are people?' file

The NDP is whining that Martha Stewart received special treatment to fast-track her visa so she can visit Nova Scotia and partake in a "Pumpkin Regata" http://www.ottawasun.com/News/National/2005/10/07/1251915-sun.html

The opposition had this question; "Why should Martha Stewart get special treatment and get a fast visa to come to Canada when so many legitimate visas are out there spending months and months in the system and often don't get approved?"

Hmm - let me see. It's next week, she's not a threat, she will generate revenue for the province and posibly increase the profile of the town/event. Doesn't really take a brainiac. As for all those other applications with legitimate reasons; sure the reasons may be legitimate, but what sort of threat risk are the people that are applying?

Do these people have nothing better to do with their time? Is this what the opposition has been reduced to? I am sure there are plenty more interesting scandals out there just waiting to be discovered. As it stands now their yapping and moaning is so petty and frequent it becomes background noise.

EDIT: Visa's generally aren't required for US-Canada crossings, however convicted felons do require special permission.


Margaret Kemper (better known as Margaret Trudeau) somehow managed to convince a court that although she was DUI and speeding, somehow her Charter rights were violated when she was pulled over last year. I've really got to find out more info about that. Was it just the fact that they held her for 5 hours? That doesn't seem reasonable. How can they say she was pulled over for no reason if she was going 20 kmph over the speed limit?